What if churches, non-profits, businesses, schools, and local government worked together to bless our city?
Because it's not my city, nor your city. It's our city.

What if we started where we agree?
That we want to see our city and its people thrive. Because if that happens, then we all thrive.

What if we sought to serve the vulnerable, under-served, under-resourced, and marginalized communities?
Caring for the forgotten neighborhoods. Providing resources and services but also drawing out their beauty and uniqueness and culture. Giving communities space to celebrate and smile.

We seek to give and magnify life in our city.
We see our city alive.


To run Health + Fun Festivals for under-served communities in the Riverdale and Hyattsville area in collaboration with the communities themselves and local organizations.

We are launching with Parkview Alive for Parkview Gardens Apartments.

Who We Are

Our City Alive is a ministry of Peace City Church in Riverdale, MD.